OnHold Music

All our on hold music is purpose written for on hold use.

It's 100% royalty free and is licensed for use in our all our on hold productions and on your phone system.

It does NOT require further licensing by MCPS, PPL, PRS, IMRO or any other music licensing authority in Ireland or worldwide.

It does NOT require a mechanical or public performance license for use on on hold systems in ANY country.
We have secured access to hundreds of suitable music tracks for you to choose from.

An OnHold.ie message with music will bring your phone on hold to life.

Once you have agreed on your content you will be given access to our music selection page.

You can then pick a preferred track from many genres.

As part of our agreement with our Music Providers we cannot provide standalone music tracks without voice.
However, if you prefer less voice interruption we can provide a music track with minimal voice added,

e.g. “Please Hold your call will be answered shortly”

To hear our selection just ask us for a log in.