On Hold Messages

What do Your Callers hear while on hold?.

Make the best of any necessary time on hold by giving your callers
a precise and professional image of your organisation.

Ireland's simplest On Hold Audio service

No contracts, annual charges or equipment rental.

Buy your recording once and load to your phone system...Simples

Time to Say Goodbye To Greensleeves

No more tones, radio, silence or hang ups.
Get the telephone presence you deserve while showing your business is professional and effecient.

Irish On Hold Messages

Thumbs Up for Irish Businesses

A Professional Irish Voice Message on hold sounds familiar and friendly to your callers and means they know you're Irish, local and professional.

On Hold Messages

On Hold Messages are necessary in all modern businesses.
We record, produce and supply premium on hold messages to Irish businesses.
An On Hold message is basically hold music with a voice message on top.
Replace the existing on hold message,  music, tone or even silence on your phone system.
Within 24 hours you could have a fresh new professional on hold message.

Short Messages (IVR)

We also supply IVR prompts. These short messages can be used as..

1) A welcome to your business line
2) A menu for departments
3) An out of hours or closed message
4) A busy message
5) Individual voicemail messages.

IVRs are short messages less than 30 seconds long that direct callers around your phone system.

Audio Samples

On Hold Messages

On Hold Messages

Packages to suit all requirements.
Businesses Big or Small.
Irish Voiceovers.
No Contracts or renewals.
Quick turnaround.


IVR Messages & Prompts

Interactive Voice Response.
Welcome Messages & Menus.
Navigation Prompts.
Voicemail and out of hours.
Auto Attendant Message.
Seasonal Messages>

On Hold Music

On Hold Music

Extensive Music Choice.
Various Styles & Genres.
Royalty free.
No IMRO licence needed.
No playback licence needed.

How it Works

Email your script or business information
Pick a music track from our extensive library.
Your Script is reviewed.
Sign off on script content and approve cost.
Your on hold message is recorded
Your audio is deliveredby download
Keep your message indefinitely or until you need a new one

Keeping it Simple

NO contract, No Licence, No yearly renewal fee.
All our music is 100% Royalty free.
No IMRO or PRS payments needed.
No mechanical playback licence needed.
Simply pay for your message once up front.
This saves approximately €140+VAT per annum.