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On Hold messages

The Benefits Of A Professional Irish On Hold Message

A calm relaxing clear and concise message.
A chance to inform customers about other aspects of your business and possibly make extra sales.
Total control over what your callers hear on hold avoiding any negativity.
No distractions, Less Posibility of callers hanging up and calling a competitor causing the loss of a potentioal sale.
NO music or voice license or end user fees.
A professional image to callers, a great impression right form the start.
Putting callers on hold at some point is usually unavoidable so it’s comforting to know that what callers hear reflects your business accurately and they feel they are being dealt with appropriately.
Your Business will never miss a chance at that possible extra sale or customer?

When You Don’t Have a Professional On Hold Message

Annoying radio programmes playing adverts for your competition.
Talk shows airing sensitive issues that can be uncomfortable to hear in a business environment.
Music box versions of greensleves or bad music tracks that will annoy callers.
Long silences leaving callers thinking they’ve been forgotten..
Callers distracted by competitors radio commercials, Noisy commercials or loud music that annoys callers.
Expensive commercial music license fees.


Putting callers on hold is often unavoidable, but with a calm, relaxing, clear, and concise message, you have total control over what your customers hear.
This is not only a chance to inform them about other aspects of your business but also an opportunity to potentially make extra sales by providing a professional image to callers and avoiding distractions, you can ensure that they won’t hang up and call a competitor.
The best part is that there are no license or end user fees involved. Knowing that what callers hear accurately reflects your business gives you peace of mind, as you never want to miss a chance at that possible extra sale or customer.