On Hold Messages..Why?

So why should you spend money on an on hold message?

It is very important for every progressive modern business to cover every aspect of the corporate image especially in a competitive market.

A professional on hold music message or information on hold leaves callers in no doubt that your company or business doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality and precision.

  1. Think about the possible alternatives:

  2. Annoying radio programmes playing adverts for your competition or talking about sensitive issues.
    Music box versions of greensleves and other music tracks that will annoy callers.
    Long silences while customers wonder are they on hold or have been forgotten about.
    Commercial or chart music that may not be a favourite of your callers and it's subsequent expensive license fees.

    Now.. think about the benefits of a professional on hold message:

    A calm relaxing clear and concise message.
    A chance to advertise or inform customers about other aspects of your business and possibly make extra sales.
    Total control over what your callers hear in the likely event they are put on hold.
    No distractions or little annoyances that are likely to make callers hang up and maybe call a competitor.
    NO license or end user fees.
    A professional image to callers.

    In modern day to day business putting callers on hold at some point is usually unavoidable so it's comforting to know that what callers hear reflects your business accurately.
    As most of Ireland is just emerging from recession shouldn't business owners leave no stone unturned when it comes to securing that possible extra sale or customer?

    Please contact us if you have any further questions about on hold music, on hold messages or IVR audio and we will be happy to advise with no obligation.

Please note we do NOT supply equipment or hardware this is an audio recording service ONLY.